What services do you offer at Suz4fitness?

Small Group Personal Training, Remote Coaching, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Group Training (Bootcamp, Stretch2Excel, Box3Rounds & Strength4Core)

Where do I start?

Simple - go to

Book a FREE 30min consultation 

Book in for a chat so I can point you in the right direction to get to your goals fast.

Where are you located?

Suz4fitness is in 2 locations:

9 Oxford Mews/307 Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson, NZ. Office is upstairs, gym is downstairs.

415 Main Road, Spring Grove, Wakefield, Tasman.

Do I need to be fit to train at Suz4fitness?

No - not at all. Your goal is to get fitter than when you start out so it doesn't matter what fitness level you come in at.

Do I need to be in the Nelson region to get coaching from you?

No - I have the tools to do Remote Coaching for both exercise and nutrition. Accountability from home. 

How many times per week should I exercise?

3-4 x per week is ideal to get you on your way towards a healthier and fitter you.

How can I loose weight and/or increase muscle mass?

Weight Loss is created when the body burns more calories than consumed. It is important when exercising to incorporate cardio sessions as well as strength training sessions. Cardio has its place as a great way of burning calories, with weight training playing its part to build muscle. An increase in muscle mass in turn increases your metabolism, burning more calories around the clock, even at rest. Weight loss must always be accompanied by a change of eating habits. They say weight management starts in the kitchen. I can help you find a sustainable way to manage your weight.

Will I be charged if I cancel my Nutrition/Fitness Consultation OR Personal Training Session?

If you are having a one off session and you cancel within 2hours of your scheduled appointment you will be charged 50% of your fee. If you fail to turn up to an appointment then you will be charged 100% of your fee. This is subject to circumstances. 

​Can I bring a friend?

Of course you can, bring 2. For group sessions just get them to book a trial through the timetable on my website. If they want to try Nutrition, Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training or Remote Coaching then get them to contact me directly and mention you when they do. You will get a wee gift when they sign up.

Can I purchase a week long pass to the gym and how much is it?

A weeks pass is $60 for 24/7 access, $85 for 24/7 plus Suz4fitness Group Sessions.