About Suzanne Spencer Personal trainer

I am really passionate about helping people, young and old, to stay fit and healthy. I have been in the sporting industry for many years as an Administrator, Manager, Coach and Trainer for various different sports. Over that time I have seen so many people get injuries that could have been avoided. Don’t get me wrong, even with conditioning, we still get injured but fitness can go a long way to helping with a quicker recovery. As we get older it is especially important to do weight bearing exercises to keep joints and bones strong.

I am also a big advocate for guiding people to not just see fitness as being in the gym or physically playing a sport. What we do outside the gym is actually more important as we spend more time out of it so we need to create good lifestyle habits. This enables us to get greater progress in the gym. Eating nutritious food, getting sleep, hydration, good recovery and a balance of slowing down at times and getting outside. 

I have been very fortunate to have had some great coaches and mentors over the years which enables me to be able to train many different people. From the beginner in the shed to an experienced athlete training for a specific sport. 

My main sport is tennis and was a tennis coach for many years before becoming a Personal Trainer. I am still involved in tennis by training some of our young up and coming athletes at tennis camps and also individually in the gym. I really want to get the message out that it is not just about what we do on the court that makes a great tennis player.

I am ready and excited to help you achieve your goals. Come and join me at Suz4Fitness today