"I'm really enjoying your classes"

Thanks Suz
I'm really enjoying your classes and I think I am already starting to feel the benefits after only a few weeks.

  • Bryan Marshall
  • Bays Joinery

"Working with Suz has been a game changer"

Working with Suz has been a game changer.  After hearing so many positive messages from my sisters who also train with her, I decided that this may be the person that could handle my personality and crazy timetable while still nurturing me towards my goals.

Struggling with my fabulous Fupa, the belief that I wasn’t fit enough and all the mental gymnastics that go with hormones in my 40’s I approached my first PT session with trepidation.  Suz managed to wrangle this hot mess with a blend that can only come from experience and true empathy.

Suz has listened to my goals but has also noticed and advised on things that I wasn’t aware of and because of this my programs are a great fit.  Every achievement is celebrated and Suz challenges me to the next level with just the right amount of “I dare you” attitude.

I juggle life like everyone else and working out has made me physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.  My shape has changed but more importantly I no longer wish for a quiet weekend or a night in because I don’t feel like I can cope. I feel energised, I am living more in the moment than ever before, and I celebrate the me-time that my workout creates in my schedule.

  • Heidi Tapper
  • Nelson

"I can vouch for Suz's methods & training. Really happy with my results"

Having done the 6 week challenge - I can vouch for Suz4fitness methods and training. Really happy with my results and looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

  • Ruth Seeman

"Suzanne is amazing, uplifting and motivating."

Suzanne is amazing, uplifting and motivating. Her workouts are varied and interesting, keeping you excited for the next workout and making you continuously challenge yourself. Her workouts and interacting with the group are often the highlight of my day! Thank you!

  • Jamie Costelloe

"I really enjoy Suz's workouts and online is fantastic. "

I really enjoy Suz's workouts and online is fantastic. Kept me on track during lockdown. Amazing group of people and all so supportive.

  • Cheryl Bell via Facebook

"Suz is amazing. She's able to motivate me to keep it up"

Suz is amazing. She's able to motivate me to keep it up which I never thought would happen in my lifetime. I've been doing this now for a year! And totally loving the flexibility of online training.

  • Karin Sutherland via Facebook

"Suz is innovative, supportive and hugely inspiring!"

Suz is innovative, supportive and hugely inspiring! I love doing the online sessions with everyone. If I miss the time slot I can always log on later and catch up! Check out her website... and maybe we'll end up in a class together - where ever you are in NZ!

  • Tamara Orr via Facebook