This is exciting news - it has all happened so fast. From the 8th January 2024 I will be offering my services now in Wakefield as well as Richmond. I will be working out of the Pure Functional Fitness gym at 415 Main Road, Spring Grove (just North of the village). I live in Wakefield and have wanted to work with the locals for some time. I can now say 'yes I do' if anyone asks me if there is an option to train with me in Wakefield. If you are wanting to work out and get cracking on your goals then click the button below. I will be offering all my usual services, contact me to to book in a 30min FREE chat.


Welcome to Suz4Fitness in Nelson

Hi, I’m Suzanne Spencer, (Suz),  I am really passionate about helping people, young and old, to stay fit and healthy. As a Fitness Coach and Nutritionist, I offer high quality Personal Training, Health Coaching, Nutrition Coaching and group training. I work closely with my clients to create a program that is designed specifically to meet each client's individual objectives with a focus on improving endurance, strength, flexibility and longevity. If you are ready for a change and want to get fit and healthy - I am ready and excited to help you achieve your goals.


Sports Nutrition

I am a qualified Nutritionist. Whether it be for a sports performance goal or looking to create a healthier you, if you are an athlete, or have never exercised, I can help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of food. We link exercise and science to create habits that will last you are lifetime. With my passion for food and what it does for the body I can help you get the very best out of it. Make it work for you without having to deprive yourself of the food you love. Together we can devise a plan to get to your goals, whether they be weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, performance or health.

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Group Training

Group training is the perfect way to stay motivated when you train with likeminded individuals. At suz4fitness I run 4 different group types.

RAPID: a 45min 'Total Body Reset' using strength, and cardio exercises to get you stronger inside and out. We run 6 week 'blocks' with a specific focus.

STRENGTH4CORE & STRETCH2EXCEL: 30min on each, back to back (2 classes for the price of 1). CORE class to create a strong powerhouse and STRETCH class to work on recovery using mobility, stretching and rolling.

BOOTCAMP: 1hour Saturday morning, detox from the week. Inside trainings at the moment. Will see what happens later in the year.


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