Do you want some help to eat right but don't want to necessarily be told what to eat?
Together we can make simple adjustments, or major ones if you choose, to achieve your goals.



We work together to discuss what your goals are, and using what you currently eat, we create a plan that suits you and your lifestyle.


Our bodies all behave in very different ways - what works for some MAY work for others but it may not. We create a unique plan and check-in regularily to make sure that we are moving in the right direction as your body changes. 


We create a process with food and lifestyle that you can manage ongoing for life.


I am here to teach you about food and about how to use it to move towards your goals. Giving you the reasons behind what we eat so you have the power to make the right choices and create a healthy relationship with food.


All the information that I deliver is science and research based. No guesswork.


I guess you could call me a foodie and now that I know more about food as fuel it makes it even more enjoyable. Adding Sports Nutritionist to my Fitness Coach qualifications was the obvious choice. I have always wanted to help others get the best out of themselves and choosing the right food is a huge part of that. A good balance of food for the right goal does not have to be complicated or lead to strict eating. I can take the complexity out of eating whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, train for an athletic endeavour or simply get healthy. Along with Fitness training I can help you balance exercise with your food to the get even better results.




Weight Management

If you have been battling with dieting and find yourself rebounding again and again let me help uncomplicate your eating. We will discuss your goals and together devise a plan to get there. 



Athletic Performance

If you are looking to improve your performance in a chosen sport, for the various training phases, we can look at your training schedule and coordinate your food accordingly. If you are active but not training for anything in particular we can also look at your types of training and intensities and make sure you are get the right fuel for the desired results.

Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition is an approach to weight loss that emphasizes the importance of not only losing fat but gaining muscle at the same time. Same as weight management, although a slightly different structure to the plan, we will discuss and together come up for the right approach to get you to your goals.

Injury & Immunity

Eating the right combination of foods and vitamins can boost immunity and also help repair muscles after training. If you are not eating correctly this MAY be why you are getting injured and/or sick. Amongst the inital consults I will do a health screen assessment to make sure that I can help. If we identify any potential issues out of my scope as a Nutritionist I would refer you on to a Dietitian or Doctor or another Allied Health Care professional. 


First task is to have an Initial Consultation to set your goals. With that information we will create a plan to move you towards them. With weekly online check-ins and fortnightly face to face follow-ups we navigate your journey. Tracking your progress and celebrating the small and large wins you acheive along the way. Together we will analyse what is happening now in your life and where tweaks need to be made. We will make sure that your food and lifestyle match your own individual wants and needs. 


Book in a Free Introductory Consultation to see if this is right for you.