24/7 Access:

We have a small space that we want to keep really accessible for all clients. During class times 24/7 clients will still have access to the tiled area. Please see our timetable for these times.

Respecting our equipment and facilities:

You are responsible for using our facilities correctly, including adjusting levels or settings of equipment (cardio or strength), assisting to maintain the cleanliness of the facility and being courteous to other members. If you are not sure how to operate any equipment, please ask our staff as we are always happy to help.

As a member our expectation is that you at all times take care of the facilities and leave them in a clean and tidy state.

Your membership is subject to your behaviour within the gym and we reserve the right that should you at any time fail to observe the Suz4ftiness rules, we can terminate your membership on reasonable grounds at any time without any requirement for a refund on your fees to be paid. 

If you are not sure how to operate any exercise equipment, please ask our staff during staffed hours before you use it. Note that you will be responsible for any damage that you cause through a wilful act or negligence, this includes but is not limited to the correct handling of free weights.

Using our equipment:

At all times we try to maintain our equipment to the highest standard and as a member and as a courtesy to other members you must:

  • use a clean towel on all equipment including exercise mats;
  • wear clean shoes at all time;
  • clean the equipment after use with the spray and paper towel provided;
  • not drop free weights or loaded barbells on the floor;
  • put equipment and free weights away after use;
  • not stand on the exercise benches;
  • not place additional free weights onto an exercise machine;
  • be courteous to other members on time spent on each machine and if requested equipment is to be shared with another member;
  • do not throw, or swing free weights;
  • if a piece of equipment breaks, advise staff during staffed hours or contact us on 027 522 0115 or suz4fitness@gmail.com so we can organise the repair;
  • not use the equipment or facility under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

Our Security:

Suz4fitness is a 24/7 member facility and is under 24/7 security video surveillance in all areas of the facility except for the bathrooms; We have card/fob access in and out of the building.

As a member you have the privilege of accessing our facilities 24/7 and in the best interest of your and other members safety and security you must:

  • never let a non-member into the gym unless by prior arrangement – a fine of $50 will apply if you let a non-member in the door.
  • in the event of an emergency in the gym, please dial 111 & contact us on 027 522 0115.
  • If you have any medical concerns you must wear an emergency pendant.
  • in the event of a fire, exit the premises immediately and advise other members;
  • in the event of a natural disaster take precautions as required and advise other members;
  • do not bring any valuables into the shed or leave unattended whilst using the facilities
  • 13 and under are not allowed in the gym TO TRAIN unless with a Suz4fitness trainer
  • 14-16years must have parental supervision while exercising - no card provided
  • 17-18yrs - must have parental authority to sign up

Health Conditions:  

If you have any health conditions or previous injuries we should be made aware of, please let us know via email suz4ftiness@gmail.com

No Show’s to classes:   

It is important if you CANNOT make a session which you have booked in for, that you cancel this at the earliest instance to allow people on a waiting list to join (if any). We ask members to commit to their bookings as much as possible (obviously life crops up) but If the same member continues to book & cancel, on a regular basis there may be a stand down period.

Minimum signup details:

  • 4 week minimum signup
  • 2 weeks notice in writing to cancel after 4 week minimum

Sorry to see you go!

Thanks for being a member with us. We try our best to make exercise easy for our members, by providing a facility to get great results but if it is really time to leave, let’s make it easy for you….

How to cancel your membership?

The only way to cancel your membership is to send an email to suz4fitness@gmail.com or via our Facebook or Instagram message service.
The email (Written Notice) must be sent given at least 2 weeks prior to the cancellation end date. We will then send you an email confirmation. So if you don’t hear back from us within 48 hours, please contact us again as it might be that it was not received and your cancellation does not take effect until such time that we confirm with you.
You will be required to complete all weekly payments up until that final end date.

Card/Fob Return:

We would really appreciate it if you could return your card/fob so that it doesn't end up in the rubbish and they are useless once deactivated. New memberships include a $10 bond for return so please help the environment by recycling yours.

Membership hold:

A maximum hold of 4 weeks per calendar year is permitted after being a Suz4fitness member for a minimum of 3 months. With 2 weeks to be used maximum per hold.


If you don’t follow the rules, we may be placed in a position where we have to cancel your membership. This might be for example, if your fees haven’t been paid and we haven’t been able to get in contact with you to chat about it or you act in a way that is not in line with the rules or are harmful to another Suz4fitness member. Please, if you have any concerns, contact us directly. We are here to help.