About me

Hi, I’m Suzanne Spencer, (Suz).  I am really passionate about helping people, young and old, to stay fit an healthy. I have been in the sporting industry for many years as an Administrator, Manager, Coach and Trainer for many different sports. Over that time I have seen so many people get injuries that could have been avoided. Don’t get me wrong, even with conditioning, we still get injured but it can go a long way to helping with a quicker recovery. Also as we get older it is especially important to do weight baring exercises to keep joints and bones strong. I am also a big advocate for guiding people to not just see fitness as being in the gym or playing sport, but it also comes with maintenance e.g. eating correctly, stretching, foam rolling and massage. All just as important as what we do in the gym. Even more so the harder we train. I am based at Wairua Fitness and have been training there myself for 7 years and have never been fitter. We don’t have any large machines and the ethos is we are all about movement so all our sessions make sure that you can move in any direction.

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