New at Suz4fitness

I am back doing what I love again after lockdown. I am also lucky to be based at Primal Fit in Stoke, Nelson. We have minimal machines in the shed but have a lot of free weights that mean that you have to work your whole body whatever exercise you are doing. There is a lot of space and so can be very diverse in what we do. I have experience in working with beginners, people rehabbing injuries, sports specific training, and also obstacle course racing.

It is really important to me that people stay training so making sure we work on strength, movement, mobility, flexibility. Also looking at the full health and wellness behind the training is paramount. From being able to comfortably get groceries out of your car to being able to run a marathon we all need to be able to move comfortably.

Suz4fitness Track Training

Rabbit Island post session social distancing

I love taking people out and about and so have Suz4fitness Track Training running each Saturday at various locations around the region. A combination of off road running/walking and body weight exercises thrown in. Check suz4fitness facebook page for event details.

Obstacle Course Training/Spartan Training

Me mid training for the Wairua Warrior

Look out for Obstacle course training sessions coming soon. Indoor and outdoor sessions. Including body weight and weight training, Rope climbing, sandbag carrying, bar work, running etc etc. Day and Time to be confirmed.

Also come and join me for some small group personal training, personal training(1-1) or kids/teens sessions. For Group and personal training there is an option of attending over zoom or in person. Whatever fits into your lifestyle.

Personal Training

If you are keen on a 1-1 session or want to bring a couple of friends to train with you then Personal Training is for you. (click the button for more details) I can tailor the session to your wants and needs. I can also sit down with you and set goals so that we get the best out of your training. I have trained the young and not so young, netballers, volleyballers, runners, rugby players, football players, mountainbikers, obstacle course racers and many others.

S4F-Kids & S4F-Teens

Through Level 2 we are on Thursdays at 4pm at Saxton Field. Come and give the kids a run around on the field with various body weight exercises thrown in. Beautiful days at the park.
Click the links above for more details.

Kids and Teens Training at Saxton Field

Training over Zoom

Zoom Workout

Lockdown has opened up another avenue for suz4fitness which has been carried on by a lot of my clients after lockdown. For all Rapid & Box classes during the week there is an option to join over zoom or in the gym in person. Giving a lot of people the option to train from their house if they are unable to physically get to the gym. Full body workouts using whatever weights you have on hand at home. Personal training options to.