S4F Rapid 2.0

Introducing S4F-Rapid 2.0 – first 8 week block starts on the 31st August

It’s time to take S4F-Rapid to the next level. The classes are still running as they have been but there are some extra bells and whistles to get you motivated. They are 45min interval training classes with a variety of workouts that target the whole body. For all fitness levels and ages. We have no mirrors, plenty of room to train and a very welcoming family environment. All run at Primal Fit Studio in Stoke, Nelson.

*8 week training blocks
*Fitness Test on weeks 1&8
*Measures on weeks 1,4 & 8 to track progress (optional)
*Home workouts to get you to your goals faster
*Weekly challenges to work on the other factors that impact your health and wellbeing
*Access to a private Facebook group for all that extra motivation we all need
*Access to new lunchtime S4F-Box class

5 session options through the week, same time as current classes, with 2 more to come in summer

$20-1 session p/wk
$30-2 sessions p/wk
$40-3+ sessions p/wk

NB: S4F-RAPID still exists with its current prices, for just $5 extra per week you get all the added features. Don’t miss out. Bring a friend along.

Suz4fitness Track Training

I love taking people out and about and so have Suz4fitness Track Training running each Saturday at various locations around the region. A combination of off road running/walking and body weight exercises thrown in. Check suz4fitness facebook page for event details.

Personal Training

If you are keen on a 1-1 session or want to bring a couple of friends to train with you then Personal Training is for you. (click the button for more details) I can tailor the session to your wants and needs. I can also sit down with you and set goals so that we get the best out of your training. I have trained the young and not so young, netballers, volleyballers, runners, rugby players, football players, mountainbikers, obstacle course racers and many others.

Training over Zoom

Zoom Workout

Lockdown has opened up another avenue for suz4fitness which has been carried on by a lot of my clients after lockdown. For all Rapid & Box classes during the week there is an option to join over zoom or in the gym in person. Giving a lot of people the option to train from their house if they are unable to physically get to the gym. Full body workouts using whatever weights you have on hand at home. Personal training options to.