S4F-Rapid & S4F-Rapid 2.0


S4F Rapid still exists for those who just want to come to classes but if you want to see huge gains in your health over 8weeks, join an awesome team of ladies all working towards their goals, then this the program for you. See below for the extra bells and whistles. 2.0 will still be at the same timetabled times as the current classes. No changes there.

Just 45 minutes out of your day to get a great workout.

My focus for RAPID is a quick session and for you to work out at your own pace. Options for low, med & high intensity. You choose. All exercises are scalable to your ability and strength. If you are new to the gym it is a great place to start. We have some lovely people that are there to support and encourage as is the Suz4fitness way. There are no mirrors. Starts with a 5 minute warmup then into the workout. A combination of strength, cardio & core to get an all over body workout.

Timetable & costs

Monday 5.45pm
Wednesday 12.30pm & 5.45pm
Friday 12.30pm
Saturday 8am (at the moment online only)

$15 – 1 class per week (online or gym), $20 – Rapid 2.0
$25 – 2 classes per week (online or gym), $30 – Rapid 2.0
$35 – 3+ classes per week (online or gym), $40 – Rapid 2.0
Classes are either paid by AP weekly or in lump sum or casual sessions. 2 week notice for cancellations.

S4F-Rapid 2.0 bells and whistles…….

S4F-Rapid 2.0 includes the above classes plus:
*Ladies only
*8 week training blocks
*Fitness Test on weeks 1&8
*Measures on weeks 1,4 & 8 to track progress (optional)
*Home workouts to get you to your goals faster
*Weekly challenges to work on the other factors that impact your health and wellbeing
*Access to a private Facebook group for all that extra motivation we all need
*Access to new lunchtime S4F-Box class

Come and join us at a class or contact me and I can give you a tour of the gym.