Just 45 minutes out of your day to get a great workout.

My focus for RAPID is a quick session and for you to work out at your own pace. Options for low, med & high intensity. You choose. All exercises are scalable to your ability and strength. If you are new to the gym it is a great place to start. We have some lovely people that are there to support and encourage as is the Suz4fitness way. There are no mirrors. Starts with a 5 minute warmup then into the workout. A combination of strength, cardio & core to get an all over body workout.

Monday 12.30pm & 5.45pm
Wednesday 12.30pm & 5.45pm
Friday 12.30pm
Saturday 8am (at the moment online only)
$15 – 1 class per week (online or gym)
$27 – 2 classes per week (online or gym)
$27 – 3+ classes per week (online only)
$35 – 3+ classes per week (online or gym)

Come and join us at a class or contact me and I can give you a tour of the gym.